I'll get my bag

Grab your things because the great handbag renaissance is upon us…

Of all the wardrobe staples, the handbag is that one enduring item we simply can’t live without. Whether it’s a smart boxy companion for an interview, a flirty fringed crossbody for a date or a spacious holdall for a relaxing weekend away, handbags don’t just carry us through the everyday, but some of our most life-defining moments too.

If you’ve missed having one by your side over the past few months, look to these stand-out trends to fill the void.


Gone shopping

Recently seen on the runways of some of the world’s top fashion houses, the fisherman’s bag is one of the hottest trends for 2021. Marrying practicality with style, the fun and novel iteration of the traditional fisherman’s net offers a roomy body and neutral colour palette fit for making errands and outings fashionable.

Style it with: a bohemian-style dress, face-framing sunglasses and chunky platform sandals.

Wear it to: organic farmers markets, thrifting vintage clothing and hunting down holiday souvenirs.


Fun fringing

Can you hear that? It’s the nostalgic sound of laughter and clinking glasses under the warm haze of summer. We can’t wait for a long overdue reunion over the coming months – and nothing says ‘celebration’ quite like a bit of fringing. Perfect for shimmying along to music, pick one in a summer hue for added joy.

Style it with: heels for an after-dark lime and soda or with day-time denim as you nip to your favourite café for a latte.

Wear it to: cocktails with friends, after-work drinks and weekend coffee dates.


Picnic hour

Woven clutches and handbags fit perfectly with the cottage-core trend that has recently taken Instagram by storm – making them an ideal addition to that picnic in the park you’ve been planning. Whether you’ve found an idyllic spot in a countryside meadow or simply plan to sit in the park enjoying the sun-drenched days of summer, these crafted carriers will add oomph to a dreamy weekend outfit.

Style it with: a gingham dress, sun hat and slouchy cardigan for when the sun goes down. Gold jewellery will add glamour against the subtlety of the bag’s fabric.

Wear it to: park drinks and nibbles with friends, picnics in the countryside and al-fresco cheese and wine nights.

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Elegant accents

Getting the chance to use a handbag again is cause for celebration, and what better way to do it than with something that stands out? Opt for unique shapes – we’re thinking micro masterpieces or crescent-shaped clutches – unusual patterns or top-stitching, and jewellery-esque hardware.

Style it with: a beautiful sorbet-toned dress, glitzy heels and a hot pink lip.

Wear it to: mini garden parties and small wedding ceremonies.

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Claudie Pierlot

Red bag





Tory Burch

Emerson daisy applique chain wallet





Calvin Klein Jeans

Eo/ sport essential backpack

Those who wander...

A is for adventure – one thing we’re certainly up for over the coming months. Make the most of your outdoor escapades with a hands-free design: a backpack for ‘big’ days or a bum-bag for a casual wander in the park. This year’s backpacks come in elegant fabrics and bright colours, perfect for adding a touch of fun to any outfit. Plus, its capacious design makes it apt for wherever the day takes you. You’ve a year of fun to make up for.

Style it with: brightly coloured denim, sneakers and an oversized jumper.

Wear it to: adventures at your local nature reserve, trips to the beach and mini music festivals.

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