At home with Darren Kennedy

Bicester Village caught up with Darren Kennedy, the television presenter, columnist and entrepreneur from Dublin to see what he's being getting up to at home.

Regularly dubbed ‘best dressed’, it comes as no surprise that this dapper Irishman has hosted the BAFTAs, GQ and London Fashion Week Awards. Kennedy has also recently been announced as one of the Fab Five on BBC One’s new fashion makeover series ‘You Are What You Wear’.

Whether it’s a walk on the beach or a hike in the Wicklow mountains, I've always loved getting outdoors.

Darren Kennedy

TV personality


Do you believe that you are what you wear?

"I think it's easy to underestimate what effect our clothes can have on how others view you, and also the impact it can have on our own state of mind. For instance, in the second week of lockdown I woke up and felt very down about the whole situation. I'd been lazying around in workout gear mainly so decided enough is enough - I changed into my loudest printed shirt which happens to be a zesty lemon and orange print cuban collar number, a pair of white flat front chinos. I instantly felt like a million dollars and it lifted my mood and altered my thought process for the day. It works!"


What are you doing right now?

"Right now, I'm just back from my morning walk with my dog Harry and I'm having my morning coffee and banana (it's the best combo ever, if you haven't tried it you must, trust me)."


Where is home for you?

"Home is between Battersea in London and Dublin where I'm from. Right now I'm in Dublin."


Do you have a secret talent?

"Talent might be pushing it but I speak fluent French and some Spanish and Portuguese. Does that count? Oh and also I can do a killer salsa thanks to my stint on Dancing With The Stars."

When I visit a new city, the local Botanical Gardens is always high on my list of things to do.

Darren Kennedy

TV Personality


What is your favourite pastime?

"Being in nature, whether that’s a walk on the beach or a hike in the Wicklow mountains, I've always loved getting outdoors. Right now, I make sure to take my shoes and socks off when I'm in the park with Harry so I'm physically reconnecting with the earth. I also enjoy tending to my many house plants. When I visit a new city, the local Botanic Gardens is always high on my list of things to do."


What is your dream role?

"Animal psychologist or interior/landscape architect. At one point growing up I wanted to be a vet, but I'm far too squeamish."


What is your favourite restaurant?

"Roka on Charlotte Street in London for their Blackened Cod and sushi. In Dublin it's 777 for the best Mexican and Margaritas this side of the Atlantic."


Guinness or champagne?

"I am partial to a pint of the black stuff but only ever in Ireland (it tastes better), but if I had to choose it would be champagne all the way."


What super power do you wish you possessed?

"Given the current situation, I think Wolverine's ability to self-heal would be pretty useful."