Men, build your very own stylish wardrobe

Incorporate this season’s new arrivals into a wardrobe that’s both timeless and on trend.

By Bicester Village

26 August 2019

When it comes to building the perfect wardrobe, no one does it better than a personal shopper. So, with the September refresh around the corner, we asked Christina Abbott and Guga Filho – both personal shoppers at Bicester Village, one of 11 unique shopping destinations within The Bicester Village Shopping Collection – for their expert advice.

Where do I start?

“Our team joke is that we never go on blind dates. So first you need to look at the full picture: what’s your life like? Are you a father? Do you travel? What’s your business day like? What sports do you play? What do you do for Sunday lunch? Where do you go on holiday?

It’s important to look at what you struggle with too. It’s easier to get the basics right and then to introduce some key investment pieces along with a few seasonal must-haves when you know what’s missing. It’s really about getting the foundation right: the great shirts, knitwear and trousers. Once you have the core in place you can play with the fashion pieces, the extra little bits that bring your wardrobe up to date.”

This season’s focus is all outerwear. What should I consider before buying?

“Even though the trench coat is a key piece this season, it’s an investment purchase nonetheless. It’s nice to see it being reinterpreted – taking something quite everyday and turning it into a wardrobe icon.

It’s a great piece to travel with too as it’s an all-seasons, all-weather staple. So choose a trench that travels well. And don’t shun polyester – technically, this fabric has been seriously revisited and can be both beautiful and very practical.”

Once you have the core in place you can play with the fashion pieces, the extra little bits that bring your wardrobe up to date

Guga Filho

Personal shopper, Bicester Village

So how do I update a classic?

“Look at the subtle nuances of the season – that’s how to keep a wardrobe fresh. These days, we’re a lot more open to texture, because flat colours can be ageing, and texture adds an interesting finish to a classic piece.

The leather coat is a huge trend this season and there are some beautiful options, especially from Italian brands. We’re talking quality and colours so diverse there’s no way you’ll look like you just stepped off the set of The Matrix.

It’s also about reimagining how you wear a piece – challenging people’s perceptions. One trend this season is the argyle sweater, which is associated with a weekend playing golf. But wear it over a shirt with a nice tie and you won’t even need a jacket. It’s the perfect transition piece.”

Bottom line?

“Have an open mind and don’t be limited by your perception of a brand. We often pre-select something from a brand that initially scares our clients, only for that to be the piece they end up loving most!”