Clarins | Go back to beauty school with the experts

The Parisian woman’s go-to brand, Clarins puts natural ingredients and the right technique at the forefront – perfect for dealing with your winter skin niggles. Get ready to take notes…

Great skin is the basis of every good French beauty regime and Clarins, with its emphasis on natural plant extracts and innovative formulas, is understandably a mainstay in the Parisian woman’s make-up bag. Launched by Jacques Courtin-Clarins in Paris in 1954, the brand found instant success thanks to its pioneering belief that wellbeing and happiness were inextricably linked to beauty.

Part of its winning formula is the brand’s spa-worthy application techniques, which boost the effectiveness of whichever cream, serum or oil you’re smoothing on. We asked the brand to share their secrets…


Warm your formula

Take a small dab of serum or cream and warm it in your hands for three seconds to bring it to skin temperature, helping it absorb instantly. If you’re using an oil, mix it with your cream in your palm before applying.


Pat onto skin

Use the natural weight of your hands to distribute the product evenly on your neck and décolleté. Patting the lotion, rather than rubbing, will avoid dragging your skin.


Apply pressure

The brand’s pressure draining method stimulates circulation, brings radiance back to your complexion, and maintains firm skin. Press three times on the cheeks, three times on the forehead, and five times on the neck and décolleté.

It’s important to drain pressure at the right pace, explains Denise Barthe, Clarins’ international training manager. “Quickly in the morning to kick-start your day, more slowly at night to help you wind down for bed and fall asleep more easily.”