Energy boosting exercises with Bamford

We all know the importance of taking some time out for ourselves, which is why we asked the experts at The Bamford Wellness Spa, from local Cotswold retreat Daylesford to share re-energising practices that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.



Pilates stretches and strengthens the muscles at the same time, and is designed to improve flexibility, balance and coordination.

So clear a space, grab your mat and join resident practitioner at Bamford Wellness Spa, Vikrant, as he guides you through an invigorating 20 minute Pilates workout.

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As we heal ourselves, we heal the earth; as we heal the earth, we heal ourselves


Resident yogi and healer at Bamford Wellness Spa Cotswolds


Healing meditation

Sound can be a powerful tool to stimulate healing, re-balancing the body’s natural energy with varying sound frequencies.

Yogi and healer, Cristina, will guide you into a state of deep relaxation and reflection through this gentle practice.

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If you can’t go outdoors, you can invoke nature within yourself using this technique


Resident yogi at Bamford Wellness Spa Cotswolds


Humming bee breath exercise

The root of all energy is pranayama. Pranayama relates to the power of the breath, our life force, which allows each cell and organ in the body to function properly.

Yoga teacher and healer, Akshai will take you through the soothing humming bee breath technique. Practice this exercise 2-3 minutes every day to encourage relaxation or use it as an on-the spot remedy.

Humming bee breath exercise with Bamford