Get to know the stars of our shoot

Go behind the scenes of our Summer Stories shoot...

By Bicester Village

31 July 2019

They share their lives on social media, but how much do you actually know about the stars of our latest campaign? Influencers Nadya Hasan (@thefierce_nay), Hsin Wei Ho (@hsinwei.ho), Federica Delsale (@federicadelsale) and Christoffer Barsø (@christofferbarso) divulge all behind the scenes of our photo shoot…

How did you decide to become an influencer?

Hsin Wei: “I didn’t decide to become an influencer, it happened by coincidence actually. I’m a designer, so it’s very natural for me to share the skills I learned online.

“I do have a background that means I can post more fashion content, so I post fashion, everyday photos, gym photos and London street photos. [When I first made my account ] I gained 1,000 followers in three weeks.”

Nadya: “I started blogging when I was still in university as part of a project, but I become more interested week by week and my sister pushed me into turning it into a fashion blog.

“I started off with just fashion content but I kind of got bored of it and thought, what else can I dpublico? So travel was the next on my list and I incorporate style into that as well, so I’m kind of a travel style blogger.”

Federica: “My career started accidentally because, like everybody else, I had Instagram but I used to just post pictures from my modelling jobs so it wasn’t really professional. But people started to like it and I knew it was powerful; I could use it professionally. So I started to engage with people, to post more natural content, and here I am today.”

Christoffer: “Before I became a model I was studying a lot and doing a little bit of modelling work on the side, and then I decided to drop out of school because of my modelling – I got a lot of jobs and it’s going well.”

My mum is a huge influence on my style, she’s a huge fashionista

Nadya Hasan


Who is your style inspiration?

Hsin Wei: “I never think about what my inspiration is actually. I have a design background – a fashion design [degree] from Central Saint Martin’s – so naturally I put all these things together. So I go to events, I go to the streets, and I’m lucky that I’m based in London where you have a lot of beautiful architecture, which is actually my biggest interest, not fashion. But that has since become my inspiration and it’s turned into what I do in fashion design, and that’s what I show in my account.”

Nadya: “I find my style inspiration from all over – other Instagram accounts, Pinterest is a big thing. My mum is a huge influence in my styling as well, she’s a huge fashionista and I think that’s how I got the whole thing down.”

For those following your journey, what else can we expect to see from you in 2019?

Hsin Wei: “I want to share more about me, my journey. I travel the world, sometimes I follow fashion week, sometimes it’s just for travelling. I prefer that.

“In 2019 I want to make my account more of a personal account.”