A guide to whipping your wardrobe into shape

Consider these top tips from our personal stylists on prepping your new-season look.


Fine-tune your style

“Fashion is such a strong way of expressing yourself so nurture what makes you unique,” says Bicester Village personal stylist Guga Filho. “Our team joke is that we never go on blind dates. So first you need to look at the full picture: what’s your life really like? Are you a father? What’s your business day like? What sports do you play? What do you do for Sunday lunch?”

Trends may come and go but your style identifiers remain - and these should help guide your wardrobe updates.


Bag the basics

Speaking of the full picture, it’s important to look at what you’re missing too. Top tip? Pull everything out of your wardrobe and use this as an opportunity to declutter as you organise.

“It’s easier to get the basics right and then to introduce some key investment pieces along with a few seasonal must-haves when you know what’s missing. It’s really about getting the foundation right: the great shirts, knitwear and trousers. Once you have the core in place you can play with the fashion pieces, the extra little bits that bring your wardrobe up to date.”

Fellow Bicester Village stylist Ana Nedir adds: “For me, you can’t go wrong with a black blazer – you can dress it up or down. Everybody needs a good leather jacket and a little black dress, and a good quality, reliable bag is essential.”

Fashion is such a strong way of expressing yourself, so nurture what makes you unique.

Guga Filho

Personal shopper


Prioritise the upkeep

It’s time to polish those boots and steam those shirts. By treating your wardrobe to a sartorial spa session you’re giving it a longer lifespan – and this shouldn’t be limited to your always-in-rotation favourites.

Take this time to clean up those overlooked pieces hiding in the back of the closet, whether that’s repairing items you’ve loved for years or altering barely worn pieces to suit you.

Finally, don’t forget to give your staples a little TLC too: wash your cashmere correctly (hand washing with a gentle detergent is best), polish your leather goods with a good quality wax and give that tarnished silver jewellery a good brush up (a thick paste made from water and cornflour works a treat. Apply it to the silver item, let the mixture dry completely and rub it off with a towel).


Have fun with it

It’s finally time to dress up – purely for the love of fashion. While we’ve all happily traded our workwear staples and prettiest dresses for butter-soft leggings and slouchy T-shirts, we’ve missed our luxe pieces. But with your newly refined wardrobe in place, it’s time to get spruced up again.

Try experimenting with how you style your outfits: think layering clashing prints and colour-blocking those summer brights – because nothing lifts the spirit quite like fun fashion. So don your jazziest shoes – and step back into Village life…