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This world renowned Barcelonian institution opens a restaurant at La Roca Village, a member of The Bicester Village Shopping Collection, just 40 minutes from the city centre.

Come alone or come together: the charm of Atmósferas Mordisco lies in its power to make friends out of strangers. With a taste of home as its calling card, the Barcelona institution is abuzz with sharing tables and platters of tapas. It’s a place to mingle and make memories, but mostly it’s a place to eat, and eat well.

The menu recalls comforting family feasts, with a markedly Barcelonian flavour – think an open omelette, Iberian acorn-fed ham and hamburgers with mushroom sauce.

Run by mother and son Rosa Maria Esteva and Tomás Tarruella since 1987, the Passeig de Gràcia destination puts its success down to its relaxed setting, Esteva’s good taste in interiors and the familial touch. Don’t be fooled by the cosy atmosphere though. The restaurant was driven by a desire to “surprise, take chances, take risks and, above all, be the first”. At its launch such informal dining was a welcome change, and word quickly spread, bringing in a wide and varied clientele all craving the homely touch.

The charm of Atmósferas Mordisco lies in its power to make friends out of strangers.

Atmósferas Mordisco

La Roca Village

And now the vibe is sweeping through La Roca Village, where the duo’s newest restaurant has opened. Built with the same spirit as its predecessor, Atmósferas Mordisco too is a meeting point and foodies will rejoice to find the original’s signature nibbles (or mordiscos) on the menu.

“I’ve always been happy being in contact with my people and looking at my customers’ faces and seeing that they felt good ‘chez-moi’,” says Esteva. “Whether at the bar, in the dining room or on the terrace, in Barcelona or at La Roca Village, you know that going to Mordisco is synonymous with feeling at home.”