Outdoor training: your five top tips

With a little longer to wait until gyms open up again, we’re making the most of the great outdoors, especially now spring is almost upon us. Here’s how to reach your fitness goals this season, and what to wear while you do.


Warm up fully

Any fitness expert will tell you that warming up before a workout is essential. Not only does a pre-practice stretch dilate your blood vessels, which helps to supply more oxygen to your muscles, but it’s also said to minimise stress on your heart. Anything from walking lunges to arm raises will get your blood pumping and decrease your risk of injury. Choose fitted and loose-cut options to cater to every movement – including slimmer fits to trap warm air and fuller cuts for maximum comfort. We love Under Armour's range of long-sleeved layers, designed with ultra-lightweight fabric for breathability and comfort when warming up.

What to wear



Under Armour
UA fly fast embossed tight



Sneakers in mesh and transparent nylon

Check your terrain

While training outdoors might be more beautiful than your average gym, your workout will get slippery fast if rain is involved. If you can, stick to salted surfaces or choose the right pair of trainers from our new arrivals to save you any dangerous falls. We love Asics' GEL 33 Run trainers, designed with synthetic leather overlays to improve stability, fitted with I.G.S™ (impact guidance system) technology for a more efficient stride, and layered with GEL™ technology in the heel for improved cushioning during impact.


Dress warm

On colder days, the quickest way to lose body heat is through wet clothes. Keep warm and dry with pieces that feature sweat-wicking technology, like those from Under Armour's range of lightweight running leggings. Designed to wick away moisture and dry off your body extra fast, they eliminate the need to wear heavy, bulky gear, making performing in cooler weather easier than ever.

Shop from home

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Protect your skin

Harsh conditions like blustery winds and heavy downpours weaken your skin’s outermost layer, making exercising outdoors a culprit for dry skin. This is the time to invest in a soothing moisturising cream to ensure your pores don’t suffer after your session. Pay special attention to your lips and nose as these areas can be ultra-sensitive.