Paul Smith | Taken by Paul

Introducing the Taken by Paul collection

By Bicester Village

10 February 2020

Ever since his father gave him his first camera in 1957, Paul Smith has been taking pictures and developing an eye for colour, humour and surrealism, all of which have become significant features of his design work.

In this unique collection, original photographs of palm trees, flamingos and beach scenes – taken by Paul and his father – have been transformed into unique prints and feature as all-over motifs on outerwear or placement prints on shirts. Elsewhere, elements from the photographs are woven into fabrics to create abstract graphics.

In further reference to the conversation between father and son, influences are drawn from different generations, specifically the 1950s and 1980s, and seen in silhouettes, where slim 1950s shapes meet exaggerated 1980s proportions.

Taken by Paul collection



Paul Smith
Men's purple tie



Paul Smith
Men's swimshorts



Paul Smith
Women's blue skirt