How to stretch, with movement coach Roger Frampton

While we’re all spending a little more time at home, why not prioritise your own wellbeing with a simple stretching routine to kick-start your day.

Having practised the art of stretching since he was young, and as the author of several books on the subject, Roger Frampton is definitely an expert in movement, mobility and making us as supple as possible. We asked him for three easy stretches to practise at home for better mobility.

Stretch 1: hamstrings

Start with your feet mat-width apart. Bend over to touch the floor and walk down the mat with your hands. Start walking your way back up, keeping your legs straight - try to stay on your palms for as long as you can!

Stretch 2: chest and shoulders

Sitting on a mat, walk your hands backwards. Push your chest open at the top to straighten your back. As you improve move your hands further back.

Stretch 3: upper back

Start lying down on the mat, then push into the floor to raise your hips. As you progress, walk your feet closer towards you - you can even work towards trying to grab your ankles which helps to open the back further.

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Want to know more about Roger? Scroll down to read our chat...

Consistency is the only way we see improvement.

Roger Frampton

Movement Coach


How did you get into this specialist field of exercise?

"I started building muscle when I was around 17 going to the gym. My goal was just to build muscle.

After lots of education and experience around eight years ago I decided the much more long-term smarter approach would be to focus more on keeping my body open and free."


What are the long term benefits to stretching?

"The main long-term benefit of stretching is complete freedom and range of movement in the joints and musculature of the body. The other reason and benefit is eliminating pain & not waking up feeling tight or stiff daily."


How often should we all put your moves into practice?

"There are different options depending on preference and availability.

‘The Flexible Body’ book focuses on those getting started on their flexibility journey by working on just 10 minutes a day following a plan in the book.

The stretch plan focuses on those wanting to take it a bit more seriously giving you 3-4 stretch sessions per week including homework days over a four-month period.

In the live online classes people join me twice a week from their homes for a follow along stretch class with individual feedback."


What have you changed since staying home?

"In terms of my training, not really. I always make sure to keep consistent with that. Consistency is the only way we see improvement.

But my work has changed a lot. All my regular London workshops have become follow-along workshops where up to 1,000 people join me online from all over the globe."

Eating the healthiest foods on the planet will never make a difference on how you move your body.

Roger Frampton

Movement Coach


How important is the food you eat versus the exercise you do?

"I always say, eating the healthiest foods on the planet will never make a difference on how you move your body."


Any bad habits you are prepared to share with us?

"Probably working too much."


How many times a week do you work out?

"Roughly 4. Sometimes less. Sometimes more. What’s more important is that I’m training consistently and intensive enough to make improvement, not necessarily how many times a week."


Favourite music to work out to?

"I have a Spotify playlist. It's a mix of progressive, deep, vocal, soulful house, techno & electro & all of that jazz."


Do you have a mentor?

"At the minute no, although I’ve had some in the past that have kicked my ass. I've got better at kicking my own lately."


What’s next for you?

"A digital version of the book has been in the pipeline for a long time. Hope to bring that out before the end of summer. Needs a little more testing phase before we bring it to life. Excited to see that in action!"