The Living Room Live music sessions with Sam Way

Enjoy a #NightInWithBicesterVillage! Each week we’ll be bringing you live music sessions with our host, musician and model Sam Way. Join us on Instagram LIVE every Friday at 17.30 for Sam's curated list of undiscovered, singer songwriter talent.


This month we introduce singer songwriter and British model Sam Way. Born in March 1987 in Devon, Way is the perfect all-rounder, with the body of an Adonis and music to make the heart melt.

As a man of many talents, Way has been photographed by Bruce Weber with Kate Moss for Vogue Homme, as well as modelling for well-known brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Diesel, Paco Rabanne and Orlebar Brown.

Last month saw him launch his first book called Reflections, a soul-searching collection of diary extracts, poems and unreleased lyrics aimed to inspire the reader.

However, his absolute love in life is music, from writing his own songs and lyrics to playing the guitar. Sam is curating a weekly collection of music - live for all our guests at The Bicester Village Shopping Collection to discover.

We wanted to get to know Sam a little better, so keep reading for an exciting Q&A!


We know you’re a Bob Dylan fan, but who else inspires you?

"I was massively into the lyricism of Emimen growing up, and he definitely got me into thinking about rhythm and wordplay in my songs. Now I find artists like Nick Mulvey, Ludovico Einaudi and guitarist Alan Gogol pretty inspiring. There is such conviction, dedication in time and spirit to their craft. But inspiration is closer to home too, whenever I see one of my artist friends releasing music or grafting hard I feel so inspired by them."


How have you selected the music for us over the coming weeks?

"Let's just say I've got a treat in store for you, you're going to be blown away that your discovering some of these artists for the first time, and if I get my way we'll have some bigger names come through too. The only requirement for me is that whatever music the artist is making, I believe it."


How has your music evolved over the years?

"When I first started songwriting as I pursue it now, the songs just seemed to come out of me, it was like I had them bottled up inside of me and they were all just wanting to come out. It was a time of great adjustment, a solitary time, a time I can look back at and say I was a kind of depressed and a little overwhelmed. The music in me had a life of its own back them, and sometimes I still feel it's the same now."

I found in the music this untold richness, it brought me lessons.

Sam Way

Musician and model

"I found in the music this untold richness, it brought me lessons, humbled me but ultimately it brought me a lot of joy. 8 years later, the music, the songs I've made, the broken guitar strings, the laughter and the tears and the people I was lucky enough to create with along the way with have all been part of this incredible tapestry that's still very much in the making."


You've written a single called ‘Heroes’ – who is your real-life hero?

"Mums the word"


If you could have written any past song, which one would it be?

"There is a super obscure folk song by an artist called Chris Wood, called 'One in a million', But every time I hear this song, and it's a long story driven song, tears stream down my eye. I think for a songwriter, storyteller, it's a masterpiece. You can only find it on YouTube! So go discover it now."


What three words best describe yourself?

"Silly, optimistic, restless."


What was the last gig you went to?

"The last gig I went too... was... I cannot remember! I think quarantine has made my brain go funny. It was probably the last show I played in London before lockdown, in Hoxton with Sofar sounds."

My dad and sister are both super-musical. I'd love us all to write a song together.

Sam Way

Musician and model


How do you divide your time between music and modelling?

"I think in my head they are both smushed together in a way, like the way you mix your curry into your rice."


Do you have an undisclosed secret talent?

"I make delicious cooked-in-the pan-flatbread. It's super easy to be honest, anyone can do it! Mix 200g plain flour, 100ml warm water, two tablespoons of olive oil and salt together in a dough; kneed for five minutes; leave covered in the fridge for 20 minutes; roll out on a breadboard, and then dry cook on a medium to high heat in a frying pan. Damnnnnnnnn it's tasty. There's my secret. Hope you try it. It's great hot from the pan with butter and dippy eggs."


Who would you most like to write a song with?

"My dad and sister are both super-musical. I'd love us all to write a song together. That would mean a lot to me."

Join us every Friday starting on April 24 from 17.30 on our Instagram Live and enjoy Sam's selection of soul, pop, Jazz and R&B - there will be something to suit everyone!