Work out with performance specialist Toby Huntington Whiteley

Who's ready to build some abs of steel? Ahead of his live Instagram work out on Sunday 10 May, performance specialist Toby Huntington Whiteley gives us his fitness insights with a Q&A.

Toby is a Performance Specialist and trainer at Kobox Gym, where he develops and executes boxing programmes and projects to improve his clients overall work out performance. Like his equally ravishing sister, Toby is also a model – clearly a gene pool overload in the good looks department in the family!

Join him live on our Instagram at Sunday 10 May from 10.00 for a 30 minute work-out programme with a difference!

The people I look up too and get inspired by the most are my close friends and family.

Toby Huntington Whiteley

Performance specialist


How many times a week do you work out?

"Before lockdown I was working out most days around 6 times a week I’d say. During lockdown I have found it much harder to motivate myself and keep up my training; reducing it to approximately 3 times a week."


Tell us what you eat in a day?

"I like variety in my diet and don’t follow any sort of food plan. I have become pretty good with my food, an now know what works and what doesn’t work well for me. For example, I rarely consume any sort of dairy product as it makes me bloated. Similarly, consuming too much red meat tends to make me lethargic.

When I am trying to get into shape and loose fat, the easiest way is to make my window of consumption small. This makes it easier to control what I eat, and gives me less time or possibility to over eat. I generally won’t have my first meal until 11am or 12pm, and my last meal before 8pm."


What do you do for down time?

"In 2020, I set myself a challenge to pick up a new skill and started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Before lockdown I was practicing this 3 times a week and cannot wait to start up again!"


What is your greatest fear?

"Failure has always been my biggest fear and stops me from doing something new or challenging. Being aware of this, I try to address it when something comes up by asking myself what's the worst that could happen, and by not being afraid of asking for help if I need it."


What do you eat when you're training?

"I don’t change my diet too much when I’m training, but if I have a holiday or a photoshoot coming up I will substitute a few food types. For instance, I cut out any sugary treats/snacks and reduce any unnecessary complex carbs, and increase the quantity of fruit and veg."

I never demonise food, all food can be good.

Toby Huntington Whiteley

Performance specialist


What do you eat when you’re being bad (if you ever are)?

"I never demonise food, all food can be good. The problem is over consuming the food that can be damaging to your body. When I’m not thinking about my diet too much and crave the more indulgent food, my favourite go-to is burger and chips."


What is your favourite soundtrack?

"The time I listen to music the most is when I’m working out or at home in the evenings.

When working out, I like to listen to the likes of Eminem, ACDC, Nivana, Foo Fighters and The Foals.

In the evenings or when I’m at home, I listen to more indie alternative or chilled music. Tame Impala, Maribou State, The Strokes and Bombay Bicycle Club to name a few."


Who is your hero?

"I’ve never had a hero, but the people I look up to and get inspired by the most are my close friends and family. These are the guys that keep me motivated to be the best I can be and draw the most from."


What are the next steps in your career?

"I am working on a few projects at the moment that I can’t talk about quite yet, but it looks promising and exciting!"


How would you like to be remembered?

"I think I’m too young to answer this question properly yet as I haven’t done everything I wanted to accomplish. I do like to see myself as a very honest and loyal person, so if I had to choose now that’s what I would choose."

Join Toby live on our Instagram on Sunday 10 May from 10.00 for an exclusive 30 minute work-out programme!