Levi’s® | How to make your wardrobe greener

The new-in denim collection from Levi’s® is as eco-friendly as it is stylish.

24 September 2020

Ever since its invention of the first ever blue jean in 1873, Levi’s® has been a brand of firsts, of iconic innovation. In the more than 140 years since, the brand’s passion for denim has seen it create countless wardrobe classics, from 501s to fashion influencer favourite, the skinny jean. While the classic cuts, designed to showcase individuality, are key to its popularity, it is the brand’s innate ability for inspiring generation after generation to live in Levi’s® that has kept its jeans eternally in style.

It was this commitment to sustainability and the future of fashion that inspired the brand’s designers to develop Water<Less®, which uses new techniques to create the same denim finishes using a lot less water. “Sustainability is literally woven into everything we do. It is how we do business and how we show up in the world,” explains the brand. “We take responsibility for the human and environmental footprint of our products and operations, doing right by the places where we live and work, and innovating around the best possible practices and policies for us, our industry, and the planet.”

By removing water from stone washes or combining multiple wet cycle processes, the brand significantly reduces its water usage by as much as 96% for some designs. All while delivering the same unrivalled style and comfortable feel.

This season, that includes a selection of Levi’s® 512™ Slim Taper Fit style – in a variety of shades – the Trucker Jacket and Decon Iconic Skirt, all newly arrived in the boutique.

So to fill your wardrobe with sustainable style, look for the Water<Less® logo in the Levi’s® boutique now.

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512™ Slim taper fit



512™ slim taper fit



Iconic skirt