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Social media contest open to worldwide artists

Call for artists “This is your moment”

"This is your moment" is a contest organized by Fidenza Village in collaboration with Parma Capital of Culture and the Antonio Ligabue Foundation. Participation: free, via the Instagram platform Prize: €1,500 to the winner Due to the large number of requests, the deadline for participation in the "This is your moment" contest is extended to October 25. The competition, which features an exceptional jury, was created in conjunction with the exhibition dedicated to Antonio Ligabue and the celebrations of Parma Capital of Culture 2020+2021 with the aim of providing an international stage for new talents in the visual arts. Artists are the first to embrace change, to imagine new worlds, to propose new points of view. Creatives - such as Antonio Ligabue - with their alternative viewpoints and their visionary talents are capable of reinventing the world. This is why Fidenza Village, which has always supported and promoted creativity, is launching a call to artists of all nationalities. The invitation is for artists to imagine a new world and to spread their vision through social media.


The competition is open to creatives from all over the world (visual artists such as: illustrators, motion designers, graphic designers, fashion illustrators), including professionals, non-professionals and students, who are over 18 years of age. Each artist can enter a work of art created with any kind of technique (painting, digital, mixed media, photographic processing, animation or video animation) according to the following methods:

  1. Create a work of art following the instructions provided under the “THE THEME” section.
  2. Publish it on your Instagram profile. The title of the work and the hashtag #FidenzaVillage should appear in the text of your post.
  3. IMPORTANT: in order to participate, you must mention @fidenzavillage in your post. As an additional option, you can also mention @parma2020official and, which will also share the most interesting images. This will allow the images to be seen by even more people. You can also share your post in Instagram Stories to allow the promoters to share it and to give maximum visibility to the most original works of art.
  4. The most interesting contributions will be displayed immediately in the Fidenza Village space, which will host an original work by Antonio Ligabue (so, the sooner you participate, the more chances you have that your image will be exhibited together with Ligabue's masterpiece).
  5. The image chosen by the jurors as the contest winner will be awarded a prize of €1,500.

THE THEME OF THE CONTEST: This is your moment

This is your chance to imagine a new world and to give life to your positive, engaging, hopeful, nature-filled visions. The setting: you must set your work in the context of the scenery of the Village, a place where great fashion and talent meet, located just a few minutes from the center of Parma, the Italian Capital of Culture in 2020 and 2021. A city of art, culture, music and food, in other words, the land of La Dolce Vita. At this link, you will find an inspirational pack for your work. It contains: colors, patterns and some of the subjects of Antonio Ligabue's paintings. We invite you to be inspired by his imagination to create your own idea of a new, optimistic and joyful world. Surprise us with a positive, magical and surprising idea. Good luck! This is your moment!


The proposals of creatives from all over the world will be evaluated by an exceptional jury composed of important personalities from the world of culture, art and design: Rossana Orlandi (international design icon, gallery owner and sustainable design ambassador), Davide Rampello (creative director of Fidenza Village for Parma Italian capital of culture 2020 and 2021), Simone Sbarbati (co-founder and director of FrizziFrizzi), Maria Vittoria Baravelli (art sharer and curator), Camilla Falsini (internationally renowned artist, promoter of the 2019 LOVE for Fidenza Village and MiArt project), Michele Guerra (professor of cinema, photography and television at the University of Parma and Councilor for Culture of Parma) and Francesca Velani (project coordinator of Parma Capital of Culture 2020+2021 and vicepresident of the foundation Promo P.A.).

For more information, please refer to the complete contest rules which can be found here.