Saturday 10 October at 15:00

The art of Make up is for everyone with Loretta Grace

Are you passionate about beauty? Are you always looking for new techniques to enhance your natural beauty to the fullest? Then don't miss the Instagram Live of Fidenza Village with Loretta Grace on Saturday 10 October at 15:00. Loretta Grace, also known as Grace On Your Dash, is a true creative with many talents. She is the leading Afro-Italian beauty and lifestyle influencer and a very talented singer and actress, known in Italy for having performed in a variety of musicals including Ghost and Sister Act. In 2016 she won the “Best Beauty Vlogger of the Year” award. ”In Italy, and in 2018 he also won the Award as“ Best Influencer of the Year ”for the Diversity Media Awards. Saturday 10 October at 15:00, Loretta will be at Fidenza Village and will broadcast live from the Fidenza Village channel a make-up tutorial, under the banner of her #MakeupIsForEveryone mantra: inspired by the exotic atmospheres of the jungle and animal patterns, Loretta will lead us into her creative world made of brushes and bright colors, just like that of Antonio Ligabue, the famous Italian artist that Fidenza Village celebrates this autumn by hosting the original oil on canvas "Leopardo sulla roccia". Follow Fidenza Village Instagram channel for Loretta's live broadcast: more than a make-up tutorial, a complete creative experience, able to mix art and make-up to celebrate the unique and different beauty of each of us.