Natalia Resmini

Sunday 4 October the elegant and delicate art of the painter and illustrator Natalia Resmini arrives in the Village: come and discover the mural created by Natalia inspired by the exotic world of Antonio Ligabue, an artist celebrated by the great exhibition "Ligabue and Vitaloni - Giving voice to Nature" now at Palazzo Tarasconi (Parma), an exhibition of which Fidenza Village is the official partner.

In the Village Natalia will create a maxi mural, giving space to her most recent passion for wall painting. The watercolor technique is his hallmark and it is on large surfaces that the artist is able to express all his artistic potential << I have always thought that the paintings were a forcing with that standard size certainly useful from a practical point of view, but with much less character than a mural - explains Natalia - Since ancient times the fresco has crossed over, follows the architecture, interprets the character of the place, teaches and embellishes. Struck by the beauty of Pompeii, or by some paintings by Giotto, I have always wanted to try my hand at wall painting. I needed to see my female figures on a large scale. A bit like when you go to the cinema after months of films watched on the eleven-inch laptop >>.

Natalia's work combines a sensibility for fashion with the delicacy of color. Her experience as a textile designer is revealed, with every brushstroke. The female figures he paints are sensual, transparent.

Natalia works for various brands and magazines, in Italy and abroad, in the fashion and design sectors. His designs are published by Italian and foreign magazines: Corriere della Sera, L’Officiel, Io Donna, Elle Italia, Elle, Glamor, Interni, The Times, Foam Magazine and many others. He also collaborates and has collaborated with Missoni, Etro, Pucci, Moschino Jeans, Seletti, Pitti Immagine and Bitossi Home.