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Discover the artists who collaborate to the project and their street culture values.


Internationally acclaimed Italian sculptor and street artist Peeta blends graffiti and abstract forms to create captivating optical illusions in his murals, with designs that transform and visually distort architectural structures. His abstract painted shapes form Escher-like trompe l’oeil scenes that change depending on the angle from which they are seen. Peeta studied sculpture at high school and interior design at university, and was heavily influenced by architect Zaha Hadid, with the forms in his work bearing a striking similarity to her designs. Through his art, Peeta explores the world of design, sculpture, underground culture and international street art, using anamorphic distortions and three-dimensionality to promote new ways of seeing and understanding the world.

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Camille Walala

Born in Provence, Camille moved to England to study textile design at the University of Brighton before founding her own brand in 2019 in East London, where she still lives and works today. Having created impressive public artworks around the world, including in Australia and the USA, Camille’s reputation has spread, attracting clients such as Harrods, Armani, Facebook and Nintendo. Her ambition is to make people more joyful through her colourful murals. In recent years, her patterns have taken centre stage at Facebook’s offices, on Armani accessories, in New York design apartments and luxury hotels in Mauritius. Last year, Walala X Play – her exuberant playground of textures and colours – was one of London Design Week’s most talked about exhibitions.

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Luca Barcellona

40-year-old Luca Barcellona comes from Milan. After graduating from high school – where he had studied advertising graphics – he enrolled in evening classes and took a job in a music store. Using his spare time to patiently practice his calligraphy, he soon began accepting small commissions from the hip-hop scene. He is now recognised by the press and design schools as one of the world’s best calligraphers. His lettering can be seen everywhere: from bottles of Absolut Vodka to Carhartt and Nike sweatshirts, and artworks for Dolce & Gabbana, Zoo York and Eni, while his dense textural writing compositions also punctuate the sentences of the German poet Bertolt Brecht.

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Nick Ohlo

Nick – real name Nicolò Tromben – was born and lives in Vicenza. With a past as a street artist, he’s passionate about underground culture, especially hip-hop. He studied at The Polytechnic University of Milan and has travelled widely. He was also a participant in the autumn 2020 Instagram competition This is your moment, be inspired by Ligabue, promoted by Fidenza Village. Nick’s visual world is fun and irreverent, combining elements of 90s pop culture with contemporary colours and lines. This very personal style becomes a magical filter through which he sees the world and expresses the two different child-like halves of his soul: that of the brat and that of the artist.

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Rame13 is a multidisciplinary artist who creates her artworks via the mediums of graphics, paint, street art and tattooing. She was born in Pisa and her love of art began at an early age, inspired by her grandfather, a painter.

After finishing high school, she attended the Academy of Digital and Figurative Arts in Florence, and has since showcased works at important street art festivals and won international competitions. Among Rame13’s most exciting projects is her collaboration with PINKO at the Galeries Lafayette in Paris.