Eco-conscious fashion

With our favourite brands pursuing sustainability, there’s an eco-friendly look for every occasion.


Conscious cotton for an outdoor adventure

One for the explorers: this outdoor outfit will see you through a casual walk through the woods to rock climbing and biking. Forming part of Timberland’s Earthkeepers® collection, these pieces are crafted from at least 50% organic cotton (classified as cotton that’s grown without chemicals or additives, using eco-friendly methods and materials).

The brand has lofty goals for the future too. By 2030 it wants all designs to have a net positive impact on nature – giving back more than it takes – through regenerative agriculture (allowing land and animals to live out their natural patterns) and circular design (where products are reused or recycled and nothing goes to waste).

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Kinder clothing for a training session

Wear this cool set for a run, the gym or while working out in the garden to maximise your motivation. The teal T-shirt is part of ASICS’ ocean waste collection, a project that aims to combat the volume of plastic currently washing up on the world’s shorelines by transforming it into wearable fitness clothing. For this, volunteers collect plastic bottles from the beaches of Sri Lanka, which are then process into flakes and recycled into polyester yarn. The yarn is then knitted into fabric to create clothes at a carbon neutral factory.

Meanwhile the blue hooded jumper and tracksuit bottoms are made from cotton from the Better Cotton Initiative, which was founded to make global cotton production better for growers and the environment – securing a sustainable future for the sector as a whole.


Responsible denim for daytime drinks

Opt for off-duty cool that does good with the ‘Buy Better. Wear Longer.’ promise from Levi’s®. From the Water<Less® production process to Tencel™ fibres, the collections are made with longevity in mind, in a way that does minimal harm to the planet.

Choose a pair of Water<Less® jeans, which are made using less water than conventional processes (such as removing fabric softener and instead tumbling jeans with bottle caps and golf balls – a method that takes water out of the wash altogether yet results in the same soft finish).

Then, brave double denim and pair them with this jacket made from soft Tencel™ fibres. Crafted from sustainably harvested wood, Tencel™ denim uses fast-growing trees (either eucalyptus or spruce) that are grown in responsibly managed forests, as well as closed-loop production, which reuses water and solvent to reduce environmental impact.

Levis® | Water<Less®

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512™ Slim taper fit

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Iconic skirt

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512™ Slim taper fit