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Enjoy a grand tour of Italy

Fidenza Village offers a unique glimpse of local and national architecture, cuisine, fashion and traditions.

In celebration of its fifteenth anniversary, Fidenza Village has enlisted the help of renowned architects Tiziano Vudafieri and Claudio Saverino to update its architectural offering, reinforcing the idea that architecture and outdoor space are an important part of the shopping experience. Like every destination within The Bicester Village Shopping Collection, Fidenza Village reflects its local and national architecture, cuisine, fashion and traditions.

From September, the Village’s focus on Italian tradition will be even stronger thanks to a new outdoor installation that follows the concept of a ‘Grand Tour of Italy’. The concept aims to tell a story using the Village’s outdoor space, drawing inspiration from the idea of the town square as a pivotal place in the history of Italian culture and society. In this vision the restaurants and cafes of the Village will become the gazebos and terraces typically seen in Italian town squares.

Throughout the Village, the layout of which is reminiscent of the ‘boot’ of Italy, different elements have been installed to allow guests to experience and relive the atmosphere of the Grand Tour of Italy, the dream of generations of foreign travellers.

The story of the Grand Tour is told through nods to different places in Italy, with colour schemes, materials and essences that are reminiscent of northern, central and southern Italy. Northern Italy is identified by cooler tones such as sage and olive, central Italy has a terracotta-rose palette and the south is evoked through the colours of sandstone, typical of Mediterranean buildings.

Plants are also part of the concept, with canopies and areas of vegetation included in the design to offer shade and give guests the chance to enjoy walking and shopping on a tree-lined avenue. The different colour and plant combinations have been designed to give reference to northern, central and southern Italy. This concept has even been considered in the selection of materials used for benches and vases, with wood, cement and metal all incorporated in the design in order to evoke the appeal of the landscapes of these different parts of Italy.