Francesca Senette

Journalist - yoga teacher, life coach and CEO of Trybe

Graduated with honors in International Political Science from the Catholic University of Milan, she worked for years as a television journalist.

Author in 2014 of a book on motherhood for Kowalski publisher, in 2016 of a yoga manual-game for children for DeAgostini, she published in 2019 “The little book of Yoga” Sonda editions;

In 2018 she obtained the 200RYT yoga teacher diploma and in July 2019 she completed the 500RYT master. The Shakti Way Teacher Training on the Sacred Feminine with Maria Laura Bonfanti ends in May 2021. In 2021 it obtains the qualification as a lifestylecoach.

He loves to study, deepen his knowledge and communicate it in an understandable and simple way. In December 2020 he founded with three TrYbe members, a HUB, a platform in which to converge the requests and the satisfaction of the same, with respect to all the wellbeing themes guided by the yoga mindset.

Mother of Alice 15 and Tommaso 8, she has always been married to Marcello and lives in Milan when she does not travel, especially towards the sea, never without a mat.