Armocromia. The most flattering hues for you

In collaboration with Rossella Migliaccio

Fidenza Village celebrates colour and presents Armocromia, the most flattering hues for you.

Also known as colour analysis, Armocromia allows you to identify the colours that bring out the best in you.

Italy’s famous Armocromia expert Rossella Migliaccio will accompany you on your journey through finding your colours.

Based on the colours of your hair, eyes and complexion, you’ll be able to identify which of the four seasonal palettes you’re best suited to – spring, summer, autumn or winter. From here, you can work to highlight your own unique colour palette.

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  • Spring shades

    The suggestions of Fidenza Village for light complexion, golden brown or wheat blonde hair and green to light blue eyes.

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  • Summer shades

    The suggestions of Fidenza Village for a lunar complexion, ash blonde to very light blonde hair, blue, gray-green or brown eyes.

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  • Autumn shades

    The suggestions of Fidenza Village for dark and amber complexions, golden-brown hair, hazel or dark brown eyes.

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  • Winter shades

    The suggestions of Fidenza Village for complexion olive or lighter, hair ranges from ash brown to jet black, while the eyes can be dark or light and very bright

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A gift for you

Discover your colours with a copy of the Armocromia book and kit, our gift to you.

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Rossella Migliaccio

Author of Armocromia

Italian expert in Armocromia Rossella Migliaccio shares her insight into how we can all value and love our uniqueness.

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