Mey is a leading supplier of high-quality bodywear for both men and women in Europe.

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Virtual Shopping

We are pleased to offer you an exclusive virtual shopping experience! Shop from the comfort of your home and enjoy your personal service. We will guide you virtually through our assortment, show you our novelties and advise you very gladly.

This service is available to you during our regular opening hours. Arrange your virtual shopping appointment at:

Recently seen in the boutique


Bra 'Cotton Pure'


Pullover 'Liverpool'


Pants 'Liverpool'

meydays for future

Limited Emission.

We practise what we preach and that is why we invite you to climate-conscious shopping from 26 to 27 November 2021. With every mey product sold, we will offset CO₂ for you and thus help your CO₂ balance to be better.

What does this mean in figures?
1 EUR = 1 kg of CO₂ offset.

How do we do it?
By sponsoring Positerra, we participate in the regional climate and environmental protection project "Offsetting emissions locally by building humus". CO₂ offsetting is achieved by farmers switching to adapted land use and relying on humus-building farming methods as well as regenerative cultivation of the land.

With meydays for future, we enable you to shop with a 100% clear conscience!
You can get more information from us at the mey outlet, feel free to come by!

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