A shimmering summer: this season’s make-up trends

Whether you’re on back-to-back Zoom calls or reclining in your garden follow these tips for a truly contemporary summer look.


Embrace the brow

Unleash your animalistic side and let those bushy brows run free. During lockdown there’s been no opportunity for professional grooming so we’re all leaving isolation with eyebrows as unkempt as our hair. Fashion dictates dark and feathered brows this summer enhanced with a brush and a tinted brow gel.


Glow up

This summer it’s all about the shine. If there’s one quality you should exude it’s radiance. This means dewy skin, glossy lips and plenty of highlighter applied generously to your cheekbones. Rain or shine, you’ll look as though you’re basking in sunlight.


Add some colour

The last few months have been a dark and often dreary period of time for many of us. So summer is going to be all about putting the joy back into our lives and that includes adding a pop of colour to your face. Do this with a peppy lip or, if you’re braver, some bright neon eye shadow.


Think pink

Take your toned-down blush up several notches and add a pop of pink, peach or fuchsia to your cheeks for a naturally flushed look. A couple of swipes of powder blush on top of your foundation achieves a soft and pretty look that’s easy to build on.


Party on

None of us have had chance to apply a full face of make-up in what feels like years. So this summer see every social occasion as an opportunity to dazzle. Cast aside the barely there make-up and reach for the sparkles. Think bright eyes and jewel palettes – show the world you’re bringing back the party.