Get that glow

Look no further for help getting that Insta-worthy glow this January...


Best de-stress tip?

“Practise yoga and meditate,” says influencer Diipa Büller-Khosla. “That always helps get me back in the right vibe! And I try to take holidays in sunnier sides of the world. A little sunshine always helps.”

For Chinese model Huo Yiyuan, “watching television, taking a hot shower and listening to music” all help her switch off after a busy day in front of the camera.


Top skincare secret?

“Taking probiotic supplements helps me achieve glowing skin, but also maintaining a good skincare regime,” says Diipa. “I don’t have a ten-step routine like most women in Korea, but I use clean beauty products – I love the field-to-face movement where you use natural ingredients on your skin – and lots of facemasks!

“High-intensity training also really works for giving you energised, glowing skin. I’ll follow that with a turmeric smoothie for a little extra boost.”


Favourite self-care ritual?

Model Otto Seppalainen “fell in love with the cooking process” while working as a chef in the Finnish military. “You begin by imagining a dish based on the ingredients you have available, which is a very rewarding, creative process.

“Having spent a lot of time modelling, I’m always aware of the macronutrient content of food but I don’t like restrictions. I find drawing on the different dishes I come across while travelling really inspiring.”