Get to know influencer Sandro Rasa

The influencer and model talks fashion week memories, starting out and the best thing about his job.

By Ingolstadt Village

For someone who can list a collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld on his CV, plus a huge fanbase that hangs off his every post, 34-year-old German influencer Sandro Rasa (@sandro) is surprisingly unfazed by the fashion industry.

One of three contributors to The Modern Man website, which covers fashion, lifestyle and men’s fitness, the Düsseldorf native is most impressed by humility. “My most memorable moment from a fashion week was definitely when I met Tommy Hilfiger,” says Sandro as we catch up behind the scenes of The Bicester Village Shopping Collection’s autumn shoot. “He was very kind and a real gentleman.”

“When I first attended a fashion week, everything was new and very different from what I expected,” he adds. “Now I can relax more, but it’s still a great experience and I always love going back.”

The street style connoisseur explains that he basically “just slipped into this whole business”. In fact, with a very different job before, Sandro admits that his success in fashion is down to Instagram. “Because of Instagram I was able to grow step by step and it just happened. There was no plan or nothing I expected, and here I am!

Standing still in this industry is the wrong thing to do. Always keep moving.

Sandro Rasa


“The best thing about being an ‘influencer’ is definitely the unbelievable opportunities that I get to see and do that I’d never be able to enjoy in my normal life. When I got married I was given a Rolls-Royce to use for the wedding!”

And what does the future hold for him? “For work, I'm just carrying on and always trying to move forward and be better in whatever I do.