먹고 마시고 쇼핑하세요 그리고 다시 처음부터

Guests may enter restaurants, food trucks, or cafes indoors and outdoors only with medical masks or FFP2 masks.*


먹고 마시고 쇼핑하세요 그리고 다시 처음부터

*In addition, if the 7-day incidence is above 35, indoor dining is permitted only with negative proof of testing, recovery or vaccination certificate. Children under 6 years, pupils subject to regular testing as part of school attendance and children not yet enrolled in school are exempt from this requirement.
Restaurant and café operators must track guest data according to given regulations.

부티크 쇼핑은 시작일 뿐이죠

아침 식사로 기운을 얻고, 점심 식사로 충전하고, 저녁 식사로 하루를 기념하세요.