ASICS | How to optimise your running habits

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Spring is just around the corner and welcomes us to get some fresh air and exercise in nature - whether you're already an experienced sprinter, a consistent long-distance runner or a motivated beginner, you have one thing in common: the joy of running.

Run yourself healthy - physically and mentally

Running promotes endurance and helps to mentally take some distance from the world.

Denis Oxenius

ASICS Area Manager Germany

It's already been proven that running has a positive impact to your health. ASICS' mantra becomes clear - "sound mind in a sound body" - whoever has a clear mind will also be one with their body - a body that knows how to deal with everyday stress and satisfy the needs of their own body.

The right clothing

Functional apparel should support the runner during sport and provide a pleasant comfort. This is achieved through the optimal composition of different fabric properties. ASICS awarded the top three essentials for an optimal run to functional clothing, suitable running shoes and, of course, the most important thing: the fun of running itself!

With regard to the optimal running shoe, an individual consultation is recommended, as this allows the type of training to be combined with the specific needs of the runner.

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The right training

Every motivated beginner would love to go from zero to hero right away - however, this is exactly the wrong attitude. The saying "slow but steady" pays off in running to increase performance at a healthy pace. For this purpose, you can use the ASICS "Runkeeper App", for example.

With regard to performance improvement, the well-known term "Kaizen" is particularly emphasized here. According to this, a steady progression sets in when you do something you didn't do before e.g. run faster, lengthen the distance or incorporate inclines.

Depending on your experience and physical condition, you can also implement different training methods - from breathing techniques to intervals to entire target distance programs.

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ASICS | When performance means everything

Running is not just the brand’s speciality, it’s in its DNA.