Polo Ralph Lauren | ‘Wear Your Story’ in denim

The new autumn denim collection from Polo Ralph Lauren captures the nostalgia of wearing your favourite denim pieces.

By Bicester Village

17 September 2019

Polo Ralph Lauren’s ‘Wear Your Story’ denim campaign is about reflecting on the memories that are woven into the very fabric of our favourite clothes – and the stories of who we become when we wear them.

Having an unforgettable story behind your favourite denim piece is something that unites fashion fans across the world, so celebrate these treasured memories with the brand’s new autumn collection, inspired by the traditional American West and now in the boutique.



Wear your story

129 €

89,99 €

Polo Ralph Lauren
Women's denim shirt

249 €

169,99 €

Polo Ralph Lauren
Women's skinny denim

119,99 €

129 €

Polo Ralph Lauren
Women's super skinny

Polo Ralph Lauren’s vision is to create classic denim styles that endure for generations to come. The brand is dedicated to perfecting the fit and shape of its pieces, all while giving denim a unique twist, to suit your shape, your personality and your style.

This collection is about more than just a pair of jeans – it’s your story, so wear it well.

Polo Ralph Lauren | ‘Wear Your Story’ in denim

Discover the autumn denim collection in the boutique now.

Polo Ralph Lauren - Wear Your Story