Workouts to try and the athleisure to wear

Whether you’re a spinning superstar or a HIIT maverick, it’s time to nail those fitness goals and bust the WFH stress while you’re at it with these five workouts, plus the gear to go with them…


Instagram Live classes

Forget waiting for a gym changing room ever again: online fitness is one of the easiest ways to squeeze in your daily dose of endorphins, and it’s especially useful while we’re all stuck at home. Whether you try interval training with a popular influencer or join a hatha yoga teacher with a few hundred followers, Instagram Live workouts not only let you tune in from any location, but they also connect you with like-minded others for an energising communal class.

What to wear: bold printed leggings, an on-trend crossover crop top and a matching water bottle for keeping hydrated in style. Because fading into the background is boring…



Over the last few years, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has taken the fitness world by storm. Fusing intense anaerobic exercise with short periods of recovery, it’s not only incredible for blitzing the calories and improving cardiovascular health, but it’s a pretty powerful stress buster too. If you’re one to get restless from slow-paced vinyasa classes, you might just want to try it, as participants have reported greater enjoyment levels thanks to time efficiency and constantly changing stimulus.

What to wear: you’ll want to invest in pieces that up both your motivation and performance, and by that we mean vest tops with dropped arm holes for breathability, stretchy leggings that don’t constrain you mid-burpee, and of course, a great pair of trainers.

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Originally termed ‘Contrology’, Pilates was invented by German-born physical trainer Joseph Pilates in the early twentieth century. Today, you can find its signature double-leg stretches and side-kicks everywhere from boutique studios to YouTube. Whether you’re looking to improve your flexibility, strengthen your core or find relief from lower back pain, there’s a variation for you. Our top tip? Find a programme that suits you and don’t push your body too hard!

What to wear: a lightweight tee or breathable tank top, and high-waisted leggings in a colour that makes you excited to put them on.


Outdoor running

With the rise of working from home, many of us have suffered from cabin fever over the past few months, and that’s led to a boom in outdoor running. Freeing the mind while building mental stamina, running is the perfect option if you aren’t keen on heading back to a crowded gym. Whether you’re out on the roads, jogging through woodlands or bumbling along open fields, you’ll benefit from muscle toning, a stronger immune system and the opportunity to enjoy nature each time you slip on your trainers.

What to wear: base layers will be crucial, not only for a warm foundation, but to wick away sweat and stop you getting cold. Opt for a high-visibility jacket and reflective leggings during these darker months, and don’t forget a pair of gloves on extra chilly days.

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Mindful workouts

Booming music. Ticking clocks. Loud instructors. Ever come out of a fitness class feeling more stressed than before? Try a mindful workout. Swapping chaos for calm, a mindful practice teaches you to pay attention to the movement of your body, and in time, to gain a deeper understanding of what it needs. Whether you do this through turning down the tracks and listening to your breath, setting an intention before a session or slowing down the pace of your practice, being mindful challenges traditional ideas about exercising for a specific physical goal. Instead see it as a tool to reconnect with yourself.

What to wear: free-flowing harem trousers and lightweight trainers. Snuggle up in a soft cashmere jumper while it’s cold.