11 minutes with: Donna Adi

From her penchant for glitter blazers to reading as therapy, the LA-born, Paris-based illustrator lets us into her colourful world.


Where do you find inspiration?

“My illustrations are all about self-love, bright colours and just being happy – vibrant compositions to grab attention. And I love anything childish and playful. For [my recent artwork for] The Bicester Village Shopping Collection I added funny little messages, an animated popcorn cup that bounced and even a mouse hiding in the image.

“The wardrobe was also super cool – I was given the freedom to illustrate and went a little crazy with dripping jackets and crazy glitter blazers!”

Donna Adi


Describe your personal style…

“It’s very conflicted – I love working in fashion but I’m actually super basic in my own wardrobe. I love wearing jeans and a T-shirt when I’m working. I want to be comfortable so I’d rather invest in staple pieces such as an awesome pair of boots.

“However I have got my eye on wide-legged trousers for spring. They’re so cool, especially when they’re cropped at the ankle, so I hope that trend stays for a while.”

My illustrations are all about self-love, bright colours and just being happy.

Donna Adi



Self-care tips?

“It’s important not to look to others to receive fulfilment. Self-love should come from within and not from objects, things or people. That way, if I'm having a hard time, I can re-centre myself by looking within.

“I’ll just draw for myself sometimes, which is therapeutic. It’s important to take a step back and do something for you, whether that’s writing, reflecting or reciting a mantra. Anywhere to sit and be at peace – I’ll read a book and get back to me.”