Lock-download with Polina Burashnikova

The influencer and owner of Amsterdam’s premier chocolatier POLABERRY talks keeping creative and connected at home.


Have you made any homeware updates?

“I love spending time at home and every now and then I feel like changing things up. So far I have decluttered my closet and started decorating my terrace – next is changing the gallery wall in my living room.”


How are you keeping creative?

“I’ve revisited old hobbies such as drawing, embroidering and reading. I’ve been reading Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari and watching The Last Dance on Netflix – it’s the best series I have seen in a long time!

“I’ve also discovered so many new bands during this time: new favourites include Death by Denim, APRE and Swimming Tapes. I’ve learnt to make pad thai too – I was surprised with how easy and delicious it is!”

Now and then I feel like changing things up at home – next is the gallery wall in my living room.




How do you stay connected?

“My girlfriends and I have Zoom game nights (with wine, of course) and I talk with my family lots too. I also really enjoy chatting with my followers and hearing what they’ve been up to during this time.”


What’s your wellness routine?

“My friend Anna and I have started a social distanced training session in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark as the weather has been really nice. We’ve been doing it for a couple of months now and I’m super happy with the results!”

I can’t wait to dress up in my favourite black dress and visit restaurants again.




Has your style changed?

“I’ve been wearing the same things over and over again – I need to order some beautiful loungewear sets like I’ve seen on Instagram!

“I can't wait to dress up when I'm allowed to visit my favourite restaurants again. I’d wear one of my favourite elegant black dresses with heels.”


What are you reflecting on?

“A little bit of everything: my life, relationships, job, future projects and how life will be after all this. It’s a good time to reflect on whether you’re doing what you love and if there is anything you want to change to be happier.”


What are you missing?

“I really miss dining with friends and going out to dance!”


Where are you dreaming of?

“I’m dreaming of the ocean every day – I really miss being by the water and watching the waves at sunset. I’d love to go back to Bali, and I really miss New York at the moment. I’ll be excited to get on a plane again, even though I’m afraid of flying…”