Five powerhouse foods to try

Jordi Barri – owner of the sustainable Barcelona restaurant Flax & Kale – tells us how to super-charge our diet with these health-conscious foods.

14 April 2020



“It’s a drink with practically no sugar, so in an environment where sugar – especially refined sugar – is the bad guy, kombucha is very appealing. In fact, sugar is not the problem, but rather the abuse of it.

“Kombucha is healthy and has live probiotics, which boost the immune system. And, unlike the artisanal bitter hyper-fermented brews, the new generations of kombucha have a great taste.”



“At Flax & Kale we include this superfood in a cake, a couple of juices (such as Forever Young) and even a doughnut. It’s an excellent antioxidant and naturally antiviral.”


Vegetable proteins

“Plant-based diets can still be high in protein thanks to ingredients such as peas, chickpeas and lentils – all easily digested by the body. Breaking the stigma that you need to eat beef for protein is part of the success of plant-based burgers.

“The industry is currently searching for the purest, highest-quality and most bioavailable vegetable protein source, and in the process we’re taking care of the planet and reducing the number of animals killed.”



“Nori is usually only eaten in a Japanese restaurant in sushi or a salad but there are many uses. In Galicia, in Spain, for example, there is a very interesting seaweed profile. It’s rich in iodine and great for your health. It’s the sea’s leafy green vegetable and, when treated properly, can offer incredible flavours too.”



“This leafy green vegetable packs in the most nutrients for the lowest calories compared to other foods. It would be a boring diet, but humans could live on leafy greens alone. At Flax & Kale we’ve used kale as inspiration for numerous dishes and, whenever we can, we include it without cooking it above 48 degrees so certain enzymes aren’t destroyed.”