Life’s little luxuries

Sometimes it’s the little things that put the biggest smiles on our faces. Here, eight plush and pleasurable purchases that never fail to fill us with joy…


A new kitchen gadget

There’s something truly decedent about buying an usual kitchen gadget you never knew you needed. Not a frying pan, or a set of knives but a strangely specific contraption designed to make light work of specialised culinary tasks. We’re talking avocado slicers, burger pressers, cherry pitters and julienne peelers. You might not think you need it, but, believe us, you do.


A new pair of socks

As a child, a new pair of socks was the most disappointing gift imaginable. So why is it such a treat as an adult? Is there anything more indulgent than slipping on a pair of cashmere socks? Like a little massage for your feet, they’re just what you need to put the spring back into your step.


A scented candle

Is there anything a scented candle can’t fix? Few would argue the restorative benefits that come with the sweet aroma of Jo Malone London’s Peony & Blush Suede. Whether lit around a bubbly bath or burning in the living room while you enjoy a good book, a simple candle does wonders to take the edge off the day.


New towels and linen sheets

You don’t realise the joy of new towels until you replace your old scratchy ones and feel that soft embrace as you emerge from the shower. Continue the comfort upgrade by swapping your old sheets with luxurious linen or Egyptian cotton ones from Frette – the end of the day won’t come fast enough.


Personalised luggage

Day-tripping may have replaced jet-setting off to far-flung islands but there’s no reason we can’t explore the local treasures on our doorsteps in style. Personalised luggage purpose-designed for a day out – be it in the city or country – is as individual as it comes.

Fierce red or a pop of bright pink worn with a gorgeous smile is the best look there is.




A new lipstick

We all have the same lip colour we buy again and again, wearing it down until it’s just a stub. Replenishing this item is not the little luxury we’re talking about. What is, is buying that special-occasion lippy – a fabulous colour from Clarins, not for the everyday but for the days where you want to shine like the queen you are. Fierce red or a pop of bright pink worn with a gorgeous smile is the best look there is.


A new pen

Since our childhood days of smelly gel pens and slogan notebooks, buying stationary has always felt like a treat. But now that our fingers are more commonly typing on keyboards than writing on paper, buying a smart pen for those special letters is the perfect indulgence. And no one does pens better than Montblanc, who make writing a grocery list feel like a Shakespearean declaration of love.


Hand lotion

Our hands have been under extreme pressure for months, getting repeatedly lathered, scrubbed and doused in anti bac. We think they deserve a little TLC and some soothing lavender moisturiser from L’Occitane en Provence is just the thing to restore them to their former glory.