Streetwear heroes

With social occasions back on the agenda, we’re finally dressing up again. But did lockdown make us more laidback?

There are some pieces you can never have enough of: quality T-shirts, eye-catching trainers and the perfect shades. Beloved by off-duty models, fashion editors and street-style stars alike, these items are the staples that form the backbone of any wardrobe. Get them right and you’re in trendsetter territory.

Now, after months of alternating between pyjamas and leggings, it seems we’re ready to promote these staples to star status, with trainers, T-shirts and other casual collections becoming the hottest items on guests’ shopping lists. So did lockdown make us more laidback when it comes to dressing up? When they look this good, who cares?

Recently seen in the boutique

Slim-fit sweater in mesh-structured cotton
Cuffed slim-fit jogging bottoms with embroidered stripe
Calvin Klein Jeans
Mens t-shirt

Shoppers can find a really extraordinary pair of trainers from Balenciaga, Golden Goose, Alexander McQueen, New Balance or Balmain.

Laura Stanley

Personal shopper

The rise and rise of streetwear

“Comfort – and the confidence that comes from that – is what appeals,” says Bicester Village personal shopper Laura Stanley about the rise of streetwear. “Classic brands that previously focused on a high-heel aesthetic are moving into streetwear – especially since the look carries so much weight on social media.

“Now high-end shoppers can find trainers, but at their preferred brands – whether that’s a really extraordinary pair from Balenciaga, Golden Goose, Alexander McQueen, New Balance or Balmain. They’re practical and modern but, most importantly, they’re cool. Designer trainers are turning into the new ‘little black dress’, everyone wants them!

“I see streetwear as deconstructed fashion. You’ll still have the lovely silk dress or tailored blazer, but when they’re worn with trainers, they take the edge off it.”

Discover these streetwear heroes in the boutiques now.