Timberland | How to care for your wardrobe

Before you pack away your winter shoes and accessories in favour of summer sandals, give them some TLC with these top tips.

By Kildare Village

Curating a timeless wardrobe: at its core are elegant design and quality fabrics. But investing in those everlasting styles is wasted unless you take care of them correctly. From proper cashmere care and polishing jewellery to cleaning your boots and winter coats for storage, quality pieces always need some TLC.

Here, Katie Guest, associate footwear buyer for Timberland, tells us how to future-proof our wardrobes.

1. Dry brush shoes

Never store your shoes when they’re damp or dirty. First, using a dry brush, gently scrub off any areas of mud or debris that have built up around the shoe. Next, remove any dirt from the rubber sole using Timberland’s ‘sole brightener’. With the built-in brush, use a circular motion to work in the product – then simply wipe away the gel with a cloth.

TIP: The brand’s specialist dry cleaning kit is safe on suede and comes with a magic ‘eraser’ to rub away any dirt and grime from the fabric.

2. Protect your leather

Of all fabrics, leather is the quickest to look dull and lacklustre. Keep your leather goods soft and supple by buffing the ‘Waximum’ waxed leather protector into the material. “Think of it as a lotion for your leather,” Katie says. “It’s the same as your skin; you need to replace lost moisture to keep it looking fresh.”

TIP: Not just for your shoes – use this buffing technique to bring the colour back to any leather goods, from purses and handbags to a leather skirt.

3. Waterproof accessories

Whether it’s your winter coat or favourite hat, most accessories and outerwear need a little help shielding from the elements. Try Timberland’s ‘balm proofer’, which creates a protective barrier against water and stains on most fabrics. Simply hold six inches from the item and spray all over. Then leave to dry for 24 hours.

TIP: Suitable on cotton, polyester, canvas, leather, suede, nubuck, nylon, and other fabrics. Just avoid any item marked with ‘dry clean only’.

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