Beauty in bloom

From that just-stepped-off-the-yoga-mat glow to effortless, shining locks, freshen up your look for spring with these beauty trends, designed to make you feel like you again.

Lockdown may have put beauty on the backfoot as we prioritised our health and wellbeing but, with brighter skies on the horizon, now’s the time to perfect your look, ready for your return to the real world. Here’s where we suggest you start…


Glowing complexion

If you’ve tried every glowing skin trend – from yoga skin to strobing – you’ll know that a healthy radiance never goes out of style.

The process begins in the evening with a nourishing overnight moisturiser, to ensure your skin wakes up hydrated. After your morning cleanse, opt for a daytime moisturiser with SPF, followed by your most-loved primer. Then, create your base with a tinted moisturiser or lightweight illuminating foundation. Swap your powder blush, bronzer and highlighter for their liquid counterparts to complete your dewy texture, before misting with setting spray to seal in your glow.


Bold brows

Nothing says “fresh out of lockdown” like a wild brow. Hold off on heading straight to the salon and shape up your unruly duo at home.

Start by plucking the finer hairs that fall outside of your natural shape with tweezers. Then, simply line and shade with a pencil or pomade, and brush with a spoolie to prevent an overly preened look. Finally, fix your brows with a clear setting gel to ensure they stay tamed all day.


Cared-for hair

Lockdown locks are getting the chop and making way for shorter cuts in silkier textures. With salon styling having been off the agenda for so long, we’re in the mood for a change. This year’s hottest trends are set to be curtain bangs, layered ‘shags’ and the ‘boyfriend’ bob.

Whichever look you choose, care for yours with daily heat-protection, oil-infused shampoos and nourishing conditioners. Then, all that’s left to do is practise your styling – we’ll be going for effortless nonchalance.

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A touch of sun

Create sun-kissed skin using the contents of your make-up bag. For a natural warmth, lightly sweep a peach- or brown-toned bronzer across your hairline, underneath your cheekbones and along your jaw. Or, go bolder by using the product more heavily in places you wish to contour. Plus, adding a touch to the tip of your nose will make all the difference in pictures.

Feeling brave? Take your faux sun-drenched complexion one step further with DIY freckles. Repurpose your eyeliner, brow pencil or bronzer with the help of a video tutorial from your favourite influencer.

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