Under Armour | Top three training tips for winter

The sportswear brand shares its advice for exercising no matter the weather – and what to wear when you do.

By Kildare Village

22 December 2019

Just because the temperature has taken a drop, doesn’t mean you need to confine yourself to a stuffy gym. We caught up with Under Armour on how to make the most of your winter workouts outdoors.


Dress warm

In winter, the quickest way to lose body heat is through wet clothes. Keep warm and dry with Under Armour’s new ColdGear collection, which features sweat-wicking technology.

ColdGear eliminates the need to wear heavy, bulky gear, making performing in cold weather easier than ever. The collection’s compression technology also means your clothes contract to your muscles for better support – with four-way stretch creating a second-skin feel that will keep you warm.




Warm up fully

The cold weather will make your muscles tighter so make sure you complete a dynamic warm up beforehand – anything from walking lunges to arm raises will get your blood pumping and decrease your risk of injury.

With both fitted and loose-cut options, the ColdGear collection can cater to every movement – including slimmer fits to trap warm air and fuller cuts for maximum comfort.


Check your terrain

While training outdoors might be more beautiful than your average gym – especially with a magical dusting of frost – your workout will get slippery fast if rain, snow or ice is involved. If you can, stick to salted surfaces or choose the right trail shoes to save you any dangerous falls.

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