Under Armour | Fashion that improves your form

The Perpetual collection from Under Armour is designed to reinforce the perfect form with every move you make.

By Kildare Village

15 October 2019

Following 20 years of innovation, Under Armour has created every athletes dream: sportswear that actually helps you perform better. The brand understands that it’s easy to lose track of your form while you’re pushing to reach more weight, more reps, more miles. And that’s why the strategically placed ‘power print’ of the brand’s newly arrived Perpetual collection works a lot like kinesiology tape, hugging and flexing with your muscles to guide them into better alignment.

In addition to movement-enhancing stretch and support, the collection is crafted from comfortable, ventilating fabrics to provide maximum breathability while you work out. Plus, its futuristic design will keep you looking stylish in the gym or on the track.

Gentlemen, opt for the Perpetual ½ Leggings, made with smooth, sweat-wicking, anti-odour fabric that's lightweight but feels substantial. Pair them with the fitted short-sleeve T-shirt – its four-way stretch construction will help you move better in every direction – and the water- and wind-resistant zipped jacket when you’re exercising al fresco.

Discover the collection in the Under Armour boutique today.

Perpetual Collection

75,00 €

51,99 €

Under Armour
Superbase half sleeve

180,00 €

125,99 €

Under Armour
Print parka

70,00 €

48,99 €

Under Armour
Superbase half legging