What does calm smell like? Aromas to improve your meditation

You already have everything in place to start your meditation: blue walls, relaxing music and a cushion to make you comfortable. What else do you need? An aroma to relax you and calm your inner self.

25 May 2020

Meditation is ideal for connecting body with mind. Focus on your breathing – in and out; be conscious of the vibrations of the body and concentrate on what awakens the senses and reveals how to enjoy the ‘now’. In addition to these simple exercises, the addition of aromas can help make meditation more effective.

Experts in meditation practices have found that some aromas, such as jasmine or yuzu, influence the ability of the body to relax and even slow the heart beat in as little as ten minutes. Lavender may be the scent that calms you down more than others; some research suggests it may help reduce insomnia, alleviate anxiety and also diminish the effects of some types of depression.


If your goal during meditation is to find stability between your outer and inner self, adding a relaxing scent to your experience can help increase your perception of calm; stroking your temples too with lavender oils is restful – it is believed that lavender calms the nervous system, which we know to be a potential centre of stress. As you breathe in the scent, let your body and mind relax together.

If you prefer not to use oils, scented candles are an alternative and have traditionally been associated with inducing calm; lighting a candle and gazing at the flame can becomes a ceremony in your meditation ritual. The fragrance you breathe can help calm your olfactory system. Inhale the peace and exhale the negativity; this is a reason for meditation.


Often meditation can be a way to focus the mind. If you have much to do, before you start take a pause to meditate. The strong fragrance of eucalyptus is known to enliven the senses and bring about a feeling of alertness. If you fill the room with this aroma, you will end the session with a focused mind and enough strength to face your tasks.

Aromas affect our feelings and emotions but also ‘wake up’ our mind and body. When you prepare for your next meditation session, don’t forget the important influence of aromas.

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