Flowers by Bornay: A tribute to the Mediterranean

Discover nostalgia, beauty and surprise as La Roca Village joins forces with floral art studio Flowers by Bornay. Inspired by the Mediterranean landscape, the vibrant displays breathe new life into the boulevards and balconies.

By La Roca Village

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After months of restrictions – deprived of small pleasures such as walking outdoors – our senses yearn to once again enjoy the aromas, memories and sensations that flowers evoke. We spoke with Joan Xapelli, soul and founder of the Flowers by Bornay collective, about the displays the floral art studio has created for La Roca Village.

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How would you describe Flowers by Bornay?

“Bornay is an idea and a team. Behind the name we are Fátima, Marta, Álex – all of whom have been with me from the very beginning – and me, the founder and Creative Director. Our creations reflect our references, hobbies and sources of artistic inspiration. In my case, it’s comics, science fiction, horror movies and music. We’re a flower shop that draws from popular culture – think Jules Verne stories, frames from classic films, painters, etc.”

Flowers can evoke some really powerful emotions. Did you bear this in mind when you created the displays?

“We’re not talking about flowers in terms of trends. We’re looking for a sensory story. Beyond the meaning of a flower, we play with the memories that flowers evoke. Ultimately, it’s a personal interpretation. Maybe that flower is loved by an important person in your life, or maybe it reminds you of the movie Marie Antoinette. We like to play with sensations and that’s why we don’t mind incorporating fake flowers with natural flowers in the arrangements.”

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How do you think our relationship with flowers has changed following a year and a half of confinement?

“It’s changed a lot, but that’s not new. It’s very common in times of war or social change. Historically, conflict zones have consumed the most flowers – like the Balkans in the 80s, for example.”

What families of flowers and fruits can be seen in La Roca Village?

“The decoration of La Roca Village is inspired by landscaped gardens, with a Mediterranean essence. Throughout which you’ll find bougainvillea, a variety of garden roses, azaleas, wisteria vines, lemon trees. In summary, it’s a scenographic installation where Mediterranean vegetation invades the streets of the Village.”

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How do tradition and modernity coexist in your trade?

“Modernity arose because I was never a florist. Someone who hasn’t been trained in floristry is more likely to push boundaries, because they have no preconceived ideas or techniques. Thus, for example, we introduced the spray in 2008 to recreate the seabed and achieve a fluorescent hue, more magenta. Let's say we like to interpret classic arrangements, like a bouquet, with a more sophisticated touch.”

How would you describe the relationship between flowers and fashion today?

“Until about 15 years ago, the relationship between floral art and the fashion industry in Spain wasn’t good. But thanks to the work of the new generations, the trend has been reversed and Spanish fashion now relies on florists to unleash more artistic concepts. Now the relationship is more like the one that the United States, England or France have.”

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Sometimes magic arises within collaborations – take those of Raf Simons and Mark Colle, or Dries Van Noten and Azuma Makoto. What do you think it takes to make this happen?

“There’s an element of luck but, above all, trust is key – for example, La Roca Village is equally committed to the beauty of flowers, and valuing the work of the florist.”

If you had to define the essence of Bornay in three words, which words would you pick?

“I’d say aggression or rage, which are very cool concepts. But nostalgia moves me. 80% of what I’m looking for is from my childhood and adolescence. With our creations we seek to convey beauty, nostalgia and surprise.”

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