5 foodie resolutions for 2020

These are the 5 foods that will set the trend in 2020. This is according to Jordi Barri, creator of Flax & Kale, the most health-aware and sustainable restaurant in Barcelona, which now also has a restaurant in the Village.

La Roca Village

16 January 2020



“It is a drink with practically no sugar, and in an environment where sugar (especially refined sugar) is the bad guy, kombucha is very appealing. In fact, sugar is not the problem, but rather the abuse of it. It is the same with gluten. In the western world, you start and end the day with gluten: sandwich, bun, croissant, pasta, pizza… We are invaded by gluten and sugar. This is why drinks such as kombucha are so good. It is healthy, fun and has live probiotics, which boost the immune system. And, unlike the artisanal bitter hyper-fermented brews, the new generations of kombucha have a great taste.”



“It is a superfood and an amazing source of health. At Flax & Kale we include it in a cake, a couple of juices (such as Forever Young), a doughnut… It is an excellent antioxidant and a natural antiviral. If we consumed more turmeric, there would be less illness.” Rainbow coloured hummus (creamy hummus + beetroot + turmeric + blue spirulina + home-made pitta bread)


Vegetable origin proteins

“In the plant-based world there are proteins too, and most interesting of all, the body can assimilate them easily. The theory that proteins are only found in steak has benefitted the meat industry. And yes, beef does contain protein, but in the vegetable world there are substitutes like peas, chickpeas, lentils … Breaking the old stigma is part of the success of plant-based burgers. There is currently a battle in the industry to see who can find the purest, highest-quality and most bioavailable vegetable protein source. Behind it there is a whole processing industry and a lot of research. And in the process we take care of the planet and do not kill so many animals.” OMG! Plant-based burger (home-made brioche bread + home-made plant-based burger + plant-based cheddar+ ketchup + roast Japanese sweet potato)



“People usually only eat nori in sushi or in a salad when they go to a Japanese restaurant. But Galicia, for example, has a very interesting seaweed profile. It is rich in iodine and an amazing source of health. Ultimately, it is the green leaf vegetable of the sea and, when treated properly, can offer incredible flavours.” Salmon & tuna poke bowl (yellowfin tuna + Alaska wild salmon + black rice + white quinoa + avocado + wakame + fermented celeriac + kelp noodles)



“As well as having a very interesting history, kale is the leafy green vegetable with the most nutrients. No other food has a higher ratio of nutrients per calorie. Others, such as olive oil, are very high-calorie foods. In general, leafy green vegetables are the most relevant food. It would be a bit boring but humans could live on leafy greens alone. We have developed many dishes based on kale; and whenever we can, without cooking it above 48 degrees because beyond that temperature some enzymes are killed.” Teresa’s favourite kale salad / Kale Caesar salad