Travel through gastronomy with Rosa Esteva

Rosa Esteva, owner of Mordisco and Atmósferas Mordisco restaurants and ideologist of the Tragaluz group philosophy, accompanies us on a personal tour of the best tables and tastes of six exceptional restaurants, from Girona to Barcelona.

By La Roca Village

From artichokes from Agreste to rice from Evaristo, discover a foodie itinerary to help you rediscover nearby pleasures and flavours. Enjoy a new approach to tourism by getting to know your region through its gastronomy, and experience a different way of discovering local tradition and culture through your palate. Restaurants with their own personality and unique flavours from the region transform a meal into something memorable. Rosa Esteva, owner of Mordisco and Atmósferas Mordisco restaurants and ideologist of the Tragaluz group philosophy, accompanies us on a personal tour of the best tables and tastes of six exceptional restaurants, from Girona to Barcelona.


Tragamar – cuisine with a Mediterranean view

Platja del Canadell s/n, Calella de Palafrugell

Habaneras, coves, boats anchored in the sand, musical notes in the Cap Roig Gardens, the words of Josep Pla, the Ronda road… Calella de Palafrugell is one of the most magical treasures of the Costa Brava. Imagine a small fishing village of fewer than 800 inhabitants that is the essence of Mediterranean character, and in the middle of that idyllic setting is Tragamar, a restaurant filled with maritime charm. “There is no corner as beautiful as the Tragamar. Eating wild fish in its unique location, right by the sea, is priceless.” With these words Rosa Esteva defines the Empordà region, where fresh fish and seafood from the neighbouring markets are part of its market cuisine. Enjoy rice dishes, salads and more, among which the Bhutan potatoes or the delicious homemade fish and seaweed croquettes stand out.

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Eating wild fish in a privileged location by the sea is priceless

Rosa Esteva

Atmósferas Mordisco


El Celler de Can Roca – three geniuses at work

C/ de Can Sunyer, 48, Girona

Combining the savoury mind of Joan Roca, the liquid mind of Josep Roca, and the sweet mind of Jordi Roca, El Celler de Can Roca encompasses the three brothers’ unique gastronomic qualities. The trio’s love for cooking began as children in the restaurant run by their parents on the outskirts of Girona. From these stoves, El Celler de Can Roca was founded in an adjacent premises. The language of El Celler de Can Roca tells stories, their stories: tapas from when they were little in their parents' bar, products from their immediate locality. "A restaurant is a hedonistic space," says the oldest of the three brothers, and Rosa Esteva reaffirms it: "Everything in El Celler de Can Roca is spectacular." They take care with every detail and every year they go one step further; not only do they convey tradition, and the culture of the region, but they are a magnet for talent, which inspires them to improve every day. The restaurant has six people dedicated exclusively to creativity, comprising chefs, scientists and botanists. And their skills are endorsed by three Michelin stars and numerous awards such as the best restaurant in the world by The Restaurant Magazine. "What matters is that the customer leaves happy and wants to return, regardless of whether the restaurant is number one or number two, three or fifty, or whether we have three or two stars," says Joan.

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Pez Vela – a sea of rice

Paseo del Mare Nostrum, 19/2, Barcelona

Pez Vela is renowned for its rice dishes created by Director Evaristo Triano, who knows Rosa well. “Evaristo was an employee of mine; he was with me for many years and he is the creator of Pez Vela’s paella dishes and the Bestial, among others. They are the best.” In addition to this spectacular delicacy, diners will enjoy similarly glorious views of the Barcelona skyline, where Shakira filmed her video for Loca in 2010. Pez Vela is a new concept of beach bar with a delicious Mediterranean menu where, in addition to its popular paellas, you must try the rice a banda de espardeñas or the rice with lobster, as well as salads, tapas and grilled seafood specialities.

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Atmósferas Mordisco – recipes that come from the heart

La Roca Village, Santa Agnès de Malanyanes

Eating in this gastronomic space inspires pure emotion: a multi-sensory journey to the heart of culinary excellence that recalls the essence of the first bite. Located at the centre of La Roca Village, the Atmósferas Mordisco garden restaurant promises all the ingredients of the cuisine – and the essence – of Barcelona, cooked over low heat by Rosa Esteva. Intuitive and with clear ideas, she has created a unique gastronomic culture with her own personality, which is centred around design and the concept of sharing around the table: a chance to connect with oneself, with the senses and meet in her restaurants as if in your home. "Every day you eat wonderfully." This is how Esteva defines her place in the Village and a menu that talks about emotions. Among the dishes to discover are classics such as hot carpaccio with charcoal herbs, as well as rice dishes, reinterpretations of Mediterranean cuisine, Asian-inspired creations and take-away options.

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Estimar – a love of the sea

C/ Sant Antoni dels Sombrerers nº 3, Barcelona

Creators of Estimar Anna and Rafa are united by a passion for the sea. Together they undertook the adventure of Estimar, transferring their fascination for Cap de Creus to a corner of the Born district in Barcelona. Five generations later, Anna Gotanegra continues to purchase the fish that’s served in Estimar’s tiny dining room in Port de Roses, and Andalusian chef and seafood connoisseur Rafa brings his extensive experience as a cook with the Adrià brothers. For Rosa, "the quality and treatment they give to seafood and fish is the best you can find." If you add to this the charm of its creators, the result is a tribute to the sea in a corner of Barcelona. A place to enjoy and feel ´loved´.

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Agreste – authentic and ecological cuisine

Calle Funoses Llussà 2, Barcelona

Outside the foodie routes of Barcelona, in the Parque de la Creueta del Coll and occupying the mythical Casa Fausto, is Agreste: an ecological restaurant that you may not expect to find in this area of Barcelona. It was also the discovery of Rosa Esteva herself: “In Barcelona I discovered the Agreste restaurant, where I was able to eat some wonderful artichokes this past winter. They were candied, then fried, and cured egg yolk was added to the salt together with grated bergamot. Along the same lines, they have a seasonal menu with mostly organic, high-quality products that are combined to create haute cuisine: baked spring onion, grilled octopus, fish mayonnaise and paprika with mint; or white fish risotto, chorizo pepper powder and smoked eel. The project by Milanese chef Fabio Gambirasi and Roser Asensio, a former natural therapist and now the other half of the restaurant, encourages you to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city into an environment with large parks (and slopes) where you will be delighted by a sustainable gastronomic experience.

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