A gastronomic journey through La Roca Village

We invite you to discover the best take-away restaurants in La Roca Village.

22 June 2020

"How to make homemade bread", "cake recipes", "the best smoothies" ... these have been some of the most searched terms over the last few months, according to Google Trends. But with the reopening of the restaurants we set aside the apron and take up the concept of take-away as a new trend. At La Roca Village we continue to offer you quality and tailor-made gastronomic experiences and always in a setting that puts your well-being and safety first. This is our take-away food guide so you can take the culinary specialty you want away with you.



Who hasn’t enjoyed a night in of cheese, ham, tomato bread, tapas and all accompanied by a good wine? There are days when you hanker for the most exquisite and traditional flavours on earth: these are the times for a take-away from Andreu.

The menu: gourmet sandwiches (the baguette bread is spectacular), tête de moine cheese, and succulent olives… Dining at Andreu, whether at home or in the Village, is always a delight. Discover all their dishes here.

More information: (+34) 93 842 35 49


Atmósferas Mordisco

Barcelona's haute cuisine. This is also contemporary cooking, reinterpreting the flavours of the Mediterranean with a nod to Asian traditions, but above all these are recipes that come from the heart which, according to Atmósferas Mordisco’s founder Rosa Esteva, "is the most valuable ingredient in a gastronomy that creates experiences and invites you in to taste them".

The menu: tasty dishes such as mushroom ravioli with gorgonzola, walnuts and apples; tuna tartar or crispy herb chicken. Delight in all its delicacies here.

More information: (+34) 93 832 50 11


Fire & Bread

The flavours of grilled meat invariably transport you to those happy barbecues with friends. The Fire & Bread take-away service enables you to recover those times of great good cheer, whether you’re at home or sitting on a bench under the Village’s blue skies. Here the meat is cooked in real oak charcoal.

The menu: our recommendation? The truffle mushroom burger with brie, although there‘s a wide selection of sandwiches of all kinds. Take a look here.

Reserve: (+34) 93 842 30 70


Flax & Kale Street

Flax & Kale Street's healthy fast casual concept enables you to eat quickly and healthily in the Village or take your dishes to dine at home. A snack while contemplating fashion in the Village? Their chips made with kale, the super healthy green leaf filled with nutritional goodness.

The menu: fruits, vegetables, seasonal produce, sustainably caught fish and latest generation of plant-based proteins are just some of the ingredients in this flexitarian menu that you can find here.

More information here.


Mori by Parco

For lovers of Japanese cuisine, at Mori you can take delight in the most exotic of flavours, perfect too to enjoy from your sofa. Get started, if you are not already a professional, in the art of eating with chopsticks to immerse yourself in a unique experience of oriental flavours with one of the institutions of Japanese cuisine in Barcelona, Parco.

The menu: a specialty in sushi and sashimi. In addition to its starters, among which the tartars stand out, discover hot dishes such as yakisoba, tatakis or yakitoris, not forgetting its popular desserts. You can see his full menu here.

More information: (+34) 93 521 92 82



When you see the kiosk in the Village, do make a visit and experience the charm of street stalls and traditional Asian take-away food.

The menu: oriental homemade recipes and 100% halal: noodles, dumplings, shu mai and edamames. Discover the full menu here.

More information: (+34) 93 521 92 82