Bring spring closer to you

We’ve curated a bespoke Spotify playlist so you can feel close to nature without leaving the house.

"No creative mind can escape its beauty." This is how Nikki Tibbles, florist and friend of The Bicester Village Shopping Collection, defines the magnetism of nature. Flowers are linked to the history of fashion, painting, music and literature – sometimes through words, and sometimes through brushstrokes.

Today, listening to the works of Serrat, Machado and Caetano Veloso from our houses or balconies evokes an entirely new feeling, allowing us to experience the colours and smells that only appear at this time of year, at a time when we’ve never felt further away from them. Keep reading to rediscover this feeling.

Rediscover nature through music and enjoy our musical tribute.

Rediscover nature through poetry

Said an ancient hermit bending, half in prayer upon his knee, oil I need for midnight watching, I desire an olive tree.

Sabine Baring-Gould