Back to school: a big deal for the whole family

The back-to-school countdown has begun, so get every family member ready with a hand from our brilliant boutiques.

Delight in helping them pick the coolest playground outfits – discover sumptuous sweatshirts, fresh trainers, sophisticated schoolbags, and more. Plus, enjoy newly-arrived collections and discover perfect picks for your return to the office, including must-have blazers, investment shirts and effortless court shoes. Enjoy an elegant return to the classroom and the office with La Vallée Village.


A return to casual chic

The classic casual-chic look, in a vibrant electric blue, perfect for a stylish return to the office.

In this look and more:

375,00 €

251,00 €

Zadig & Voltaire
White blouse*

235,00 €

157,00 €

Zadig & Voltaire
China blue trousers*

44,00 €

29,00 €

Sun powder*

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A dandy style at the office

Channel your inner dandy! The winning combination? Check jacket, well-cut shirt, skinny tie, and chinos...that's all you need!

In this look and more:

135,00 €

90,00 €

Figaret Paris
White thermoregulating shirt*

85,00 €

57,00 €

Figaret Paris
Blue tie*

395,00 €

260,00 €

Hackett London

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A cool return to school

So, what kind of outfit should you choose to look cool back at school? Why not a leather biker jacket, harem pants with a streetwear vibe, and a pair of white trainers? A stylish return to school is guaranteed!

In this look and more:

125,00 €

80,00 €

The Kooples
Flower print top*

435,00 €

270,00 €

The Kooples
Leather 'Perfecto' jacket*

39,00 €

26,00 €

Zadig & Voltaire
White t-shirt*

And for the youngest ones:

75,40 €

49,00 €

Kids around
Zadig&Voltaire backpack*

109,00 €

71,00 €

Kids around

125,00 €

75,00 €

Multicolor dress 6 months*

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Style and comfort in the school playground

You say comfort and style can’t go together? You’re forgetting about the irresistible combination of bomber jacket, slim jeans, and the very latest basketball shoes! The perfect outfit to look great in the playground, and be comfortable too.

In this look and more:

85,00 €

55,50 €

Kids around
KARL LAGERFELD jeans 6 years old*

129,00 €

84,00 €

Kids around

45,00 €

29,50 €

Kids around
KARL LAGERFELD T-shirt 6 years old*

And for the biggest ones:

395,00 €

264,00 €

Zadig & Voltaire
Navy blue jacket*

99,90 €

69,90 €

Tommy Hilfiger
Grey hoodie*

120,00 €

80,00 €

Buster jeans*

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*The crossed-out price corresponds to the recommended retail price, the price not crossed out corresponds to the La Vallée Village price.