How to colour for mindfulness with artist Beatriz Ramo

The illustrator shares her inspiration during this unusual time and tells us why now is the perfect opportunity to get creative.

Adult colouring books have been a ‘thing’ for years, but never before have their benefits been more important. Colouring clears the mind, encourages creative thinking and boosts your mood – just what we need while we all stay at home.

For the Madrid-based artist Beatriz Ramo @naranjalidad illustration is also her passion and an important form of expression. We talked to her about how to get creative at home…

"I'm so happy that I'm able to completely dedicate myself to illustrating."

Beatriz Ramo



How are you keeping your creativity flowing?

My day to day hasn’t changed much: an illustrator's work is always quite lonely and I’m used to working by myself for long periods of time. I have good and bad days when it comes to my art. If I’m having a bad day I always try to draw – I find it healing to create something, no matter what it is.


What’s inspiring you at the moment? Has it changed?

Music, books and movies… these days I’m watching much more cinema than usual! And I follow so many inspirational artists on Instagram that I couldn’t choose just one!

First I focus on the idea. Then I work on the image that best suits the message I want to convey.


What are you looking forward to?

I really want to travel back to my birthplace of Alicante – to visit the beach, to eat rice (a must-try delicacy on Alicante’s food scene) and to hug my grandmother.

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