The dunhill Aquarium collection

Introducing the dunhill Aquarium collection. A limited edition capsule featuring hand-painted prints inspired by iconic Aquarium lighters from the dunhill archive.

Aquarium collection

Originally launched in 1949, no two Aquarium lighters were the same. Each and every piece was uniquely handmade and assembled from four panels of Perspex, meticulously carved with nature-inspired motifs on the inside and then hand-painted – a highly skilled technique known as reverse intaglio. The name Aquarium was derived from the light reflecting properties of the Perspex, holding a beam of light within its surfaces and carrying it around bends and corners, giving the appearance of a large fish tank.

Aquarium collection

Perfect for summer, the intricate Aquarium illustrations of birds and fish have been reimagined on patterned lounge shirts, reversible bombers, swim shorts, nylon drawstring backpacks, belt bags, leather goods and slip-on sneakers, in three summer-inspired colours: sunset, blue skies and sea green.

295,00 €

195,00 €

Aquarium Orange Birds polo*

375,00 €

225,00 €

Aquarium Blue Birds card case*

1.295,00 €

865,00 €

Reversible bomber jacket Blue Birds*

I always consider what can be revisited from the dunhill archive, to be re-contextualised, evolved and how we inform our audience. With Aquarium, it’s all there; there’s a tension, something traditional and immediate but also kind of risqué and humorous.

Mark Weston

Creative Director, dunhill


The first crossed-out price corresponds to the recommended retail price, the second crossed-out price (if mentioned) corresponds to the La Vallée Village price. The price not crossed out is the Summer Surprise price.