The straight collar shirt by Figaret Paris

The French brand offers its own take on this elegant alternative to the traditional shirt neckline.

Well-known as a master shirt-maker, Figaret Paris has lent its excellence and craftsmanship to the straight collared-shirt in its latest collection, which features a minimalist design and 3.5cm collar.

The straight collar – also known as a mandarin or Mao collar – originated in China during the Qing dynasty and has undergone a flurry of western interpretations since its invention. Later popularised by the great Karl Lagerfeld, the style manages to add a uniquely contemporary twist to the average shirt, despite its centuries-old heritage.

This truly elegant alternative is perfect to wear without a tie and forms just one style in the Parisian brand’s latest collection, starring artist and poet JoeyStarr.

*Discover the signature collar in the boutique today.

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