Exclusively in France

Straker and La Vallée Village

La Vallée Village “Let Yourself Glow” campaign represents Straker's first time in Paris.

All things bright and beautiful

In the spirit of rebelliousness, we’ve invited street artist and muralist extraordinaire Straker to dress our Village in big, bright, unapologetic neon. For his very first French installation, the Australian artist, better known for enlivening the streets of New York and Hong Kong, has taken his brush to everything from the boutique facades to their windows in his customary optimistic, audacious style. Seeing is believing.


Artist bio

Born (Perth, Australia,1981) and raised in the most isolated city on Earth, Straker defied standardized art curriculums, instead forging his own artistic path inspired by the New York City Graffiti writers who decades earlier created a movement that went on to change the appearance of every major city on the planet.

High school homework was substituted with urban exploration, working under various nom de plumes he painted complex letter based artworks in high profile locations under the cover of darkness with his medium of choice - the spray can.

Like a game of cat and mouse with the authorities many of the thousands of paintings created from 1996 onwards would be removed within 24 hours, a photograph of the painting taken by the artist the following day being the only evidence the works ever existed.

Renowned for painting in a variety of styles and subject matter Straker’s aim was to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with the humble spray can, after 2 decades of experimentation in this field Straker’s practice in this field was about to cement his place in aerosol art history.

With a love of neon signs dating back to his childhood and lacking the finances or know how to make one he did the next best thing and used his aerosol art capabilities to create the illusion of one, this innovation would go on to become Straker’s signature ‘Neon Style’ - a modern take on traditional Trompe -L’oeil / deceive the eye murals.

From the separation walls of Palestine, skyscrapers of Hong Kong to the subway platforms of New York City- Straker’s neon style has adorned sites around the world, most recently creating the widest mural in Australia, a landscape painting measuring 500 metres across.

La Vallée Village “Let Yourself Glow” campaign represents the Artists first time in Paris and is a celebration of fashion and life presented in a style that pays homage to neon signs and Trompe- L’oeil painting, both of which rose to fame in Paris.